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Thank you to everyone who came out to see #VENICE(UN)ENTITLED, a collaborative installation with fellow artist Glen Wilson and I.  The night was a smashing success and a perfect way to ring in the Summer on Abbot Kinney.

About the show:

“From two distinct neighborhood vantages, artists Glen Wilson and Kwaku Alston have witnessed and documented the dramatic transformation of Venice Beach, where each has called home for 15 years. Their collaborative installation, #VENICE(UN)ENTITLED shares visual fragments of an ongoing conversation between artists. They explore the collisions, contradictions, and contrasts exposed by the process of gentrification in a neighborhood.”

If you missed it, come see the show this weekend for a final viewing and follow the project on Instagram #Veniceunentitled.

To contact Glen Wilson, follow him on Instagram @dubarts or email him at dubarts@mac.com

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