Art of Studio: The End of an Experiment





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Art of Studio launched in late May as an experiment.  We gave a physical place for a virtual space and coined it a unique curated workspace; a studio where we celebrate the many steps of the creative process, its associated tools, and the final product. Art of Studio blurred the lines between the titles of gallery, working office, and pop-up shop with an emphasis on the experience of art.  A variety of books lurked around the space, asking to be read and picked up, from art history to fine art photography, and even some literature for the Volkswagen aficionado.  Custom Publications laid under glass enclosures.  Negatives were lit by light tables with an accompanying loupe.  Analog vintage cameras decorated tables filled with fine art prints.  All of these pieces and objects belonged to a conceptual and tangible home for art, photography, ideas, and inspiration.

Art of Studio has been operating quietly out of the public eye for about 10 years, but for 6 months, we opened the doors to the public to give them a chance see through our eyes.  Art of Studio was a place to see, touch, and discuss the things in life that inspire us–which is a constant work-in-progress.

Over the summer, Art of Studio hosted multiple art openings, including #VENICE(UN)ENTITLED, a collaborative multimedia show with fellow artists Glen Wilson and Michele Castagnetti and a part of the Venice Art Walk; a champagne reception in collaboration with Sotheby’s for Venice: A Village by the Sea; Hippoworks‘ environmentally cartoon prints; and gender-bending portraits from In Between & Outside.

But, never fear–while the space may close, it still lives online on Art of, and you can find the same products on  With the holidays approaching, peruse our online shop to find interesting artifacts, fine art prints,  and explore The Sunset Room, among other personal creations.

Enjoy watching the hanging process:

Hanging HippoWorks:

Creating the Abbot Kinney Timeline for #VENICE{UN}ENTITLED:

Photo Gates for #VENICE(UN)ENTITLED:


If you want to learn more about Art of Studio, check out We Are Industry’s studio visit series here.

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