Business Management – Tip #1: Team Building


As we all know, photography is not a single player sport. It may seem that way in the beginning of your career, but in order for your business to grow you will need to build a team of dedicated people on all levels for you to become more successful.

Art  & Talent is only one part of the equation. Agents, accountants, business managers, photo editors, creative directors, writers, producers, assistants, computer technicians, web designers, rental houses & studios, syndication partners, and lawyers are all part of the KAP team. With any team, players come and go depending on what you may need at the time. But the most important thing is your board of directors who help manage the money and cash flow.

Cash flow is crucial in an uncertain economy for survival. I know because I let this part of my business slip in the past and ultimately suffered the consequences. It was a hard learned lesson and a huge blow to my ego.  In photography we sometimes have to put up lots of cash and credit to produce a job or pursue a creative project that will hopefully bring future assignments. It’s a tricky balance, and after 17 years in the business I’m finally getting a better handle on understanding this equation. Like anything else in life, it takes practice.

I’d like to introduce my new Business Management team for all my creative endeavors, Savitsky, Satin, and Bacon. They help me manage my overall business strategy and work alongside my agents Stockland Martel,  as well as vendors and lawyers, to help me create more time to do what I do best, take pictures and be the creative soul that I am.  


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