Creature Comforts-THE BOWERY HOTEL


Recently my home away from home has been the Bowery Hotel in the center of downtown NYC. The recently revamped Bowery is the highlight of what is heralded as the most energetic neighborhood in New York. I frequently run into friends and other colleagues in the game including celebrities, politicians, musician, and fellow photographers. The Bowery is old school New York, bohemian chic, high class yet comfortable. The staff at the Bowery hotel is friendly, helpful, and made up of just downright good people. The wonderful people at the front desk and the doormen always greet me with a welcoming smile. And Mario, the manager at the Lobby Bar, always takes care of me and my friends and hooks us up with the best booth in the lobby. 

On top of the great decor and cozy rooms, the Bowery offers the amazing Italian restaurant Gemma. Gemma is definitely my restaurant of choice when I stay in New York. Plus the manager Giovanni is an old friend from my early days when I lived on 30th street and was starting off as a young photographer. The Bowery also has these really cool red bikes they let you ride around the city. Check it out next time you’re in New York.


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