RIT Futurist Symposium

I was invited to speak at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Futurists Symposium: Technology, The Arts & Design in New York this past weekend, accompanied by Melanie Shapiro, Tom Connor, and Brandon Hudson to share our thoughts about the future.

It was great returning to my alma mater and seeing how much things have changed.  The campus is growing and expanding, and the new technology in editing suites is awe-inspiring.

I had a wonderful time presenting my ideas about what the future holds for image-makers: overall, it’s about collaboration, motion, and diversity.



  1. Sorry to miss you! I went to Imagine once and the traffic reminded me too much of Woodstock, besides it’s too much like work… I just scrolled through your blog and couldn’t help but notice that most of the photos show you with a bunch of white folks… So much for diversity, eh? I was going to post this on facebook but I’ve opened my big mouth a few too many times this week and I can’t retire for a few more years.

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