Voodoo in Miami

I spent an incredible 24 hours in Miami for the sold-out Voodoo film premiere at the Miami Film Festival this past weekend and was thrilled to finally see my first Director of Photography credit on the big screen.  While my hired role on the project was the cinematographer, the role evolved into an immersive anthropological experience of learning and sharing knowledge of the medium of cinematography from two distinct cultures.

It was a challenge working in a foreign culture with a foreign crew (consisting of young film students), none of which spoke English, and dealing with weather, dust, and communication hurdles.  When you collaborate on a creative endeavor in a different country, it grows into a cultural exchange with the project linking experiences together. It was a great opportunity to learn from my crew, and share some of the tricks I’ve learned over the years.

I’ll never forget the process of creating an amazing cinematic kaleidoscope of Voodoo culture together.

Check out the first review of In Search of Voodoo by Variety.

Special thanks to Jaie LaPlante and the Miami Film Festival staff and crew for embracing our Voodoo motley crew.






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