White Famous Coast to Coast





Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.02.23 PMwhite-famousIMG_6715

NYC Subway


It’s been exciting to see White Famous’s show posters popping up coast to coast after photographing the cast of Jay Pharoah’s new show that premiered this month.

To meet Showtime’s creative needs, they requested high speed burst photography in addition to traditionally captured portraiture.  With some creative problem solving, we accomplished this with Profoto’s Pro 10s and the Nikon D5’s impressive (and addictive) 12FPS stroboscopic burst shooting ability to create an animated GIF.  Creating animations by stitching high speed photographs into video is a wonderful marriage between both worlds.  By capturing spontaneous moments into single frames, it creates a unique piece that simulates motion.  Thank you to Showtime’s wonderful creative team, hard working crew, and Quixote’s West Hollywood studio.




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