Women of Washington for Essence Magazine


This inspiring assignment recognized the influential women of the White House in the Obama administration.  They shared their stories with us in the beautiful Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.  Read about their experiences on Essence.

Behind the scenes:


women-washington-16_347x520_95 loretta-lynch-1_347x520_97   women-washington-18_347x520_74 women-washington-14_347x520_77 women-washington_347x520_89 women-washington-17_347x520_41 women-washington-4_347x520_36 women-washington-0_347x520_66 women-washington-21_347x520_98 women-washington-12_347x520_70 women-washington-2_347x520_33 women-washington-7_347x520_77 women-washington-25_347x520_54 women-washington-1_347x520_10 women-washington-10_347x520_93 women-washington-15_347x520_23  women-washington-5_347x520_93 women-washington-9_347x520_96 women-washington-3_347x520_74 women-washington-8_347x520_41  women-washington-11_347x520_43 women-washington-20_347x520_36 women-washington-13_347x520_44 women-washington-22_347x520_84 women-washington-22_347x520_12 women-washington-23_347x520_19 women-washington-6_347x520_72 women-washington-25_347x520_17 women-washington-19_347x520_91

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