To The Moon: A Shiba Inu Crypto Tease

Would love to hear what you think about my newest NFT art inspired by… none other than the Shiba Inu coin! Cryptocurrency and art are merging in my world and it’s been inspiring and exciting as the metaverse begins to integrate into the mainstream with each passing day.

“I see faces on printed paper. I hear the names of empires vast. While chasing a parallax of elusive treasure, symbols of conquest from millennia past.”

To The Moon is a SHIB crypto inspired short film that questions if wealth can be redefined for the betterment of Earth and humanity.

The community is our utility. Our utility is our freedom.

Starring Martin Dorsla and a star on the rise, Sweet Mischief, the first Shiboshi to make an appearance in a film: Join the tribe and collect the NFT soon:


Director: Kwaku Alston

Writers: Kwaku Alston, Rodney Charles 

Producer: Jason Denning

Associate Producers: Kathy Nenneker, Sara Swaty

Executive Producer: Shib Army Productions, UN/Entitled Media 

Starring: Martin Dorsla, Teddi the Shiba Inu, Rainbow Man, Dubfire

Editor:  Jason Denning

Music: “Good Day” by Kenan Bell

Cinematography: Kwaku Alston 

Drone Photography: Braden Moran 

Special Thanks To:

John Faulkner

Glen & Miles Wilson 

Robert Johnson 

Malcolm Johnson 

Lilly Myers

foureleven Agency

Sergio the Lambo Guy

NASA Archives

Foxfield Riding School -Billy & Susie Postell

The SHIB Community who inspired me to make this film.

#ToTheMoon #SHIB #Shibcoin #ShibaArmy #ShibArmy #ShibaNFT #Opensea #ShibaInu #ShibaInuCoin

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