Amanda Seyfried on Oscars Night

Read about the story behind the gown on Vogue.

The Two Million Dollar Diamond – Oscars Night

Celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart and I met on a Hollywood Reporter shoot when I was assigned to photograph Julia Roberts and Elizabeth for the cover of the style issue.  She reached out to me last week to see if I was interested in photographing Amanda Seyfried in Giorgio Armani on Oscars Night. And with an enthusiastic “YES!”— so began the whirlwind that led us to these photographs.  The Oscars is like the Hollywood version of the Superbowl, a chance for people to showcase their unique creativity.

Working in the photography industry at the intersection of Hollywood royalty and creativity has shown me that how a star is made really comes down to talent and team work.  Nothing else.

Having the right team to support you in front of and behind the lens, and most importantly beyond the silver screen, is a success within itself.

Hats off to all of the stylists, hair, makeup and nail tech artists, assistants, agents, publicists, managers, family and friends who were there behind the scenes cheering for their elegant Stars to shine. 

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