Tichina Arnold x CBS Watch! Magazine

Our Mission

Tichina Arnold is a force to be reckoned with, so we created a sexy atmosphere on set to evoke her spirit through images.   Tichina came ready to take this creative production to the next level.


CBS creative director Ed Mann suggested The Oasis as our location, an iconic property in Venice designed by Phillip Dixon.

The Oasis is a Moroccan inspired compound in the heart of the Oakwood neighborhood in Venice Beach.  Once inside, you easily forget the bustling city and become entranced by the earthy elements of the space: light, stone, and air.

A Surprise Community:

When I first moved to Venice Beach from NYC, I didn’t expect to discover that Phillip Dixon, a legendary fashion photographer from the 80s, lived just a stone’s throw away from my studio, alongside other notable visual artists.  It was thrilling to be neighbors with such artistic heavyweights in an area that had yet to become gentrified in the 2000s..

Words of wisdom from a fellow lensman:

“The way to use the location is to follow the light, you don’t need much at this house but the natural light. Everything else will be perfect.” 

Once we were transported inside and in the flow, it was easy to forget the chaos of the pandemic and city life just miles away from our little compound.

Thank you Tichina!

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