Taraji P Henson + Essence Magazine


_Taraji-Image B0320_Taraji CoverTaraji- image D


We wrapped 2019 with photographing Taraji in Downtown LA.  Her energy was uplifting, positive, and game for anything.  Thank you for making this shoot such a success.

March/April 2020 Issue

Chief Content & Creative Officer: MoAna Luu – @Moanaluu
Cover Star: Taraji P. Henson – @tarajiphenson
Written By: Charli Penn – @charlipenn & Cori Murray – @corimurray
Photographer: Kwaku Alston – @kwakualston
Fashion Director: Marielle Bobo – @mariellebobo
Beauty Director: Julee Wilson – : @missjulee
Wearing: Sergio Hudson – @SergioHudson – @SergioHudson, Lilou earrings – #Lilou earrings, Versace ring- @Versace ring
Hair: Tym Wallace/Indique Hair/MMG – @tymwallacehair
Makeup: Ashunta Kendricks/MMG – @ashuntasheriff
Manicure: Merrick Fisher- @merricures
Creative Director: Nia Lawrence – @nialawrence_nyc
Produced By: Natalie Gialluca  – @nataliegialluca and Ellie Stills – @photostills

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