The Hollywood Reporter: Actress Roundtable

Photographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_Group_0928 copy37Cover_hiresPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_ScarlettJohansson_0462 copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_JenniferLopez_1197 copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_JenniferLopez_12670 copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_LupitaNyongo_1032 (1) copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_ReneeZellweger_0544 copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_Awkwafina_0241 copyPhotographed by Kwaku Alston_20191026_THR_OscarRoundtable_LauraDern_0680 copy


BTS with the 8×10:

Testing with set designer Theresa Rivera:

Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Renée Zellweger, Laura Dern, and Awkwafina for The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable.

Hollywood Reporter Roundtable shoots move like the wind, shifting quickly as each subject enters the studio with their entourage.  Two sets, 3 cameras (Nikon, Leica, and an analog 8×10 Deardorff), and only 5-10 minutes with each individual talent, we moved back and forth from opposite sides of the studio to capture each subject on different sets.

It was a great honor to work with these wonderful actresses after weeks of creative conceptualizing with Jennifer Sergent & Jen Laski at the Hollywood Reporter and set designer, Theresa Rivera.  The magic in these productions manifest once the plans laid on paper come alive before your eyes and the subject gives their unique energy to the photograph.

Photo Director: Jennifer Laski

Photo Editor: Jennifer Sargent

Set Design: Theresa Rivera

Photo Assistants: Brittany Denton, James Bianchi, Peter Winterstellar

DIT: Sara Swaty

Styling: Tiffani Chynel


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