Serena Williams x Essence

20190720_SerenaWilliams_Essence_0716_v5_White BG_IG_WM20190720_SerenaWilliams_Essence_0323_v2-IG_WM0919-ES-CVS-004_SerenaWilliams_IG_WM0919-ES-CVS-003_SerenaWilliams_IG_WM20190720_SerenaWilliams_Essence_0430_v2_IG_WM0919-ES-CVS-001_SerenaWilliams_IG_WM0919-ES-CVS-02B_SerenaWilliams_IG_WM

It’s rare I have the opportunity to collaborate with another artist on an editorial shoot.  For Essence’s redesigned new September issue, Brooklyn-based fine Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo and I were invited to create together.  It was incredible watching him work painting the set walls and pillars on-site, painting clothes, and he even took requests to paint our water bottles, camera, and phone cases… constantly creating.

Thank you to all of the creatives at Essence who made this shoot a reality.  Read about The Future of Serena here.

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