Eve in Joshua Tree


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Behind the Scenes:



I photographed Eve for the first time in the 90s for Rolling Stone when she first hit the scene, again for People, and now for CBS Watch! Magazine in Joshua Tree.  From 125th St. in Harlem to the magical desert, Eve is as radiant as ever.  The natural and exotic environment combined with June Ambrose’s world-renowned styling was a dream come true. 

The desert is as harsh as it is beautiful, and once the sun sets, temperatures plummet.  Despite the freezing winds and very little clothing, Eve did not quit until we shot every look.  It’s a testament to her professionalism to be able to weather the elements and end the day smiling, thanking everyone over a champagne toast.

Thank you to the creative, glam, and photo teams:

STYLIST:                                                 June Ambrose

HAIR:                                                      Angela Stevens

MAKE-UP:                                              Ernesto Casillas

CREATIVE DIRECTOR:                            Ed Mann

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:           Christopher Ross

EXECUTIVE EDITOR:                                Rachel Clarke

PRODUCTION DIRECTOR:                     Beverly Byrd

Digital Tech:                                             Sara Swaty

Photo Assistants:                                    Braden Moran, Brittany Smith

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