Remembering the Legend: Martin Luther King’s March on Washington

Coretta Scott King © 2013 KWAKU ALSTONCoretta Scott King

Today marks the 50th-year anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington and his speech “I Have a Dream.”

My grandparents made the trip down from Philadelphia to DC to march on Washington with many of their peers travelling from around the U.S. They often spoke of that day and how important it was for me to be proud of who you are and show yourself in the best light, no matter the trials and tribulations you may encounter.  Always try to keep an uplifted spirit, persevere, and move forward.  These wise words are the roots of inspiration in my work.   I live to photograph peoples’ spirit and show them as positive beings, being the best that they can be.

 Today, I remember the legends and icons in African-American history who fought for me, for us, for the world.  Reflecting on the past, I know that if it were not for these people, I would not be where I am.  This is why it’s important to seize life every day and turn it into your dream.  It is important to do work that you find inspiring and never leave your passions by the wayside.
Because of the Civil Rights Movement, many more doors have been opened for creative souls like myself. One of the greatest days of my career was when I had the opportunity to photograph Coretta Scott King and pay my homage to my grandparents and Dr King.

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