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I had the pleasure of recently meeting with fellow creative and friend, Kenny Gravillis, who has built his business up from a 2-person operation in his home with business partner and wife DeAnna, to a beautifully structured office space full of light, art, and creativity bursting everywhere. Gravillis Inc has created some of the top movie posters in the industry and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on photo shoots. After witnessing his company’s growth and entrepreneurial spirit, I was inspired to ask him some questions about his new space and business.

What inspired you to create this new space?

We outgrew our former space. We aimed to build a space for the team that was creative, comfortable and allowed them to always be inspired.

What unforeseen circumstances came up with the overall design and concept?

The biggest challenges were working with so many different vendors and waiting for custom furniture pieces to arrive. While they would aim for the delivery date, it would often be delayed.

How has the design studio changed over the last ten years?

Before we moved into this space, we were working out of a 750 sq. foot studio. We now have a 7600 sq. foot studio that has the flow and feel we have always wanted.

Graphic Design lives and breathes within you, how do you stay creative?

We stay immersed in all types of art forms. Often inspiration comes from artists that work in a completely different industry whether it is architecture, fine art, photography or sculpture.

What’s next for Gravillis Inc.?

While there are still ideas we would like to explore in the print world, we are moving towards the digital side and developing some viral campaigns and content.

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