Art of Studio: A Physical Place for a Virtual Space


2008, Hong Kong


What is art of studio?

We are many things…

A physical place for a virtual space,

A window into watching the creative process in action,

A conceptual home to art, photography, ideas, inspiration, and much more.

I am interested in seeing what happens when one creates a space for people to witness the process behind the product, whether it be a photograph, website, blog, or writing.  Art of Studio is a place to see, touch, and discuss the things in life that inspire me–which is a constant work-in-progress.

The face of Art of Studio was inspired by artifacts I found throughout my travels around the world–I am an obsessive collector of knick knacks, curios, what have you.  Among some special findings was this unique little sign I saw in a printing shop in Hong Kong while I was doing some street photography.

Hong Kong is a fascinating city, a place ripe with adventure.  I loved getting lost in the crowded bustling streets squeezed between looming skyscrapers and surrounded by Chongqing boats cruising on the harbor.  While shooting on a side street, I came across an old printing factory.  Inside, nestled among letterpresses of ancient typefaces with fresh ink in the air, there was a dusty old plastic bag holding a plaque with an image of a camera with a red bar running across it.  I was immediately drawn to it and asked to hold it.  As I wiped years of dust off of the plastic wrap, I knew I found something special.  The store owner said it was made in the late 70s-early 80s, and I happily paid him for this small piece of history.

Upon returning to the States, I stashed the bag in my cultural treasure chest and didn’t think about it for years until just recently, when I was hunting for inspiration for a logo to represent the blog.  After re-working the text and some minimal Photoshop-ing, I knew I had a winner.

People seem to be most drawn to things that they aren’t allowed to do.  I’ve found that showing a simple icon that suggests you not do something–in this case, taking a photo–people really stop and take notice–especially photographers.  Whether it be from the psychological thrill of breaking a rule or rebelling against an image, who knows?  Either way, I have found the same persistent “no photograph” sign in different countries, but I rarely see it in the U.S.  As a photographer, I love playing with a symbol that suggests I shouldn’t do something that I love doing all the time.

I guess you could say Art of Studio is an experiment.  It is a think tank of ideas, creativity, and dialogue driven by imagery but translated through multiple mediums.  Come experience the experiment at 1346 Abbot Kinney.

Hong_Kong_6879_62 Hong_Kong_6883_16RT Hong_Kong_6888_5 Hong_Kong_6888_10_RT   EUHong_Kong_6913_28_RT


2010, Ethiopia


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