Street Photography Lesson


In preparation for our upcoming Venice Beach Street Photography Workshop, I had some practice yesterday by giving a private photography lesson as a donation to 826LA, a wonderful charity that supports teaching youth writing skills.


This lesson was a great way to get into the spirit of teaching: we discussed basic camera concepts, lighting, the street style approach, and most importantly: soulful intention. When shooting street photography, especially in a new and unfamiliar place, you need to watch first without shooting to become immersed in the environment. Observe the energy and flow of the street by taking time to just sit from a distance: every street scene has a special spirit and a unique rhythm to it.

Venice beach has always been a haven for the extreme, and judging from what we saw on a regular Tuesday afternoon, I know this workshop is going to be amazing. This is why I’ve decided to lower the price and earnestly hope that this will help those people who truly want to learn. Come join the fun as I share my passion of photography and the spirit of the street May 3rd through 5th in Venice Beach.


Register on Kwakushop, Learn more on the website.


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