Rest in Peace Yeonhee


This morning began as usual, as I sat down with my breakfast and checked my e-mail before heading over to the studio. As I scrolled down the list, there was a message I did not want to see: my former studio production assistant Yeonhee Lee had passed away from cancer.

Yeonhee was diagnosed with breast cancer while still in the United States
four years ago, which resulted in her having to drop out of the photography industry and return to Korea to be closer to her family and recieve personalized medical treatment.

I would hear from her time to time.  She would cheerfully assure me that she was okay, that I shouldn’t let the past hold me down, and to always be thankful: to live and keep doing what I love.  She was an angel in my life and spread joy to everyone who interacted with her. She always came in with a big bright smile and a warm voice that made everyone in the studio happier.

With her bubbly and bright personality, it’s no surprise that she loved
photographing children so much.  Her portraits of youth were carefully crafted, and yet, she always captured the wild and innocent inner spirit of each and every child she worked with.  I believe she connected with children so well because her spirit was as pure as theirs.

Thank you Yeonhee for the many blessings you brought into my life.  You helped bring the studio to the heights it has reached, and I am grateful to have worked with you.  I will always remember: the entire KAP team and myself will miss you dearly.

Peace and Love.

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