Lightning Strike

It’s been a cloudy week in venice, June gloom has been a heavy burden on the skies.  The clouds cleared yesterday from their typical grey state, where I took the opportunity to do some street photography on Venice Beach with my Leica M9P, 35mm 2.0 Summicron.  Alas, with the good comes the bad–after getting some amazing sunlit shots, suddenly Zeus came down and zapped my camera, rendering it useless.

Alright, you got me–I broke another camera for reasons unknown, but it’s nice to think I was threatening Zeus.  After 6 intense months of heavy shooting, travelling all over the United States and India, my Leica must have been fed up with me and decided to take a break.

My mind has been consumed with trying to resolve my Leica problem, so I immediately brought it to Steve’s Camera Shop in Culver City and left it in their capable hands. 

But I won’t let this get me down-this is a perfect opportunity to shoot film this weekend.


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