Learning Lightroom

About a month ago, my brain exploded.  It wasn’t from just one event; I’m much stronger than that.  It was from a combination of factors, including recieving my first smart phone (coming from a phone that hardly had a camera), producing an out-of-town shoot, but mostly because I attended my first intensive software workshop about Adobe Lightroom, taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer.  It’s been almost a year since I completed my academic career, and a part of me still misses the fluorescent-lit classrooms, challenging professors and peers, and even the stressful last-minute schedule changes that would send my day spiraling into stress.


  While I was consciously a little curious about the upcoming workshop, my subconscious seemed to be almost overexcited and loved the early mornings, long hours, and abundance of knoweledge crammed into 4 intense days.  I slept and ate little but my attention span was as abundant as the amount of coffee I consumed (a lot).  I could feel my body adjusting itself and become almost hyper at the thought of taking notes and getting my troubleshooting questions answered.


What I did not expect were the other people taking the class with me–film producers, creative directors, adventurous photographers, and even a scientist.  I have never taken classes with anyone that was older than me by 5 years or

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