Hand made in Italy by Luigi


These days, it’s hard to find quality craftsmanship, especially with the cosntant flow of goods being mass produced.  It feels as if we are losing the true artisans and craftsmen that were once so revered and admired; skill has been replaced by speed, and quality has been overridden by quantity.  

I opted to get a special leather case to house my Leica and am looking to buy one for my old school Nikon as well– this is by far the best custom leather camera case and strap I’ve seen in years. The case took about two months to make and ship, and the cost is high because of the euro around $700 US–but well worth it to protect one of my precious gems. These are hand made cases with top quality leather and fully customizable for many of today’s hottest digital cameras.  You just can’t find these high quality leather cases anymore, especially within the photo industry.  

Contact Luigi and tell him Kwaku sent you.  http://www.leicatime.com/


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