People Magazine Bachelorette Cover Shoot. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


It was a sunny day in Malibu and Love was in the Air for the 2011

Bachelorette Ashely Herbert at the Cover Shoot for People Magazine. My main objective

was to capture moments of intimacy and expressions of love between the

newly engaged reality tv stars. The melodic verses of Sade set the stage for me to snap

some wonderful moments.

Production team

Photo Editor-Brenna Britton & Gladees Prieur

Photo Rep Stockland Martel-Emily Leonardo

Franny Legge- Seamless Productions

Hair& make-up -Carola Gonzalez

Wardrobe Stylist- Jill Roth

Groomer-Sydney Zibrak

Lighting supervisor – Wayne Wakino

Digital Wayne Wakino and Openlight productions

Photo Assistants- Zach Coco & Jeff Seebach




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