05/06/09 Don’t miss James Gilbert @ PYO Gallery


We Are Here 
A group exhibition Curated by Heidi Chang and Meghan Crowley 

April 11- June 3, 2009 
PYO Gallery 
1100 S Hope St #105 
Los Angeles, CA 90015

PYO GALLERY LA is pleased to present We Are Here, a multi-media exhibition of sculptures, paintings and drawings that explore the relationship and contextualization of person and environment and the existence of one without the other while addressing the psychological alienation of the unseen. Eight artists from China, Korea and the United States utilize minimization of information while cultivating a sense of symbolism for contemporary culture and politics: James Gilbert (LA), So, Youn Jeong (NYC), Lin, Tian Lu (Beijing), Nan Chao (Seoul), Shin, Chi Hyun (Seoul), Park, Sung Tae (Seoul), and Lee Yeong Deok (Seoul). 

Read more @http://www.when.com/los-angeles-ca/events/show/86600354-we-are-here 

More work by James Gilbert @http://www.jamesgilbertstudio.com/

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